Episode 3: Foundations, Part 2

Foundations, Part 2: In this episode, Benjamin speaks a bit more about the changes he experienced in the early days of following Jerry's teachings, and we discuss Jerry's four fundamental principles for exercise.

Episode 2: Foundations, Part 1

Foundations, Part 1: Benjamin explains the changes he began to put into place after his Bottom of August 3, 2014. Benjamin and Jerry discuss the first part of the teachings Jerry shared during their first session at the gym a month later. We close with Benjamin recounting his first workout in which he explored Jerry's teachings, and how shockingly profound that experience turned out to be.

Episode 1: Introductions

Introductions: We meet Benjamin and Jerry. Benjamin describes how, on August 3, 2014, he found himself (figuratively) in a deep hole, the promise he made to the universe as a result, and the impact that promise has had on his life since. We talk about how that promise led to him and Jerry working together. We briefly talk about how each of us teaches. Finally, we assert that the act of becoming present--of starting here--can change the world.