Episode 67: On the Vaccine, the Future of Workout Culture, and the Work We Do

In this episode, Jerry and I discuss the vaccine, the future of workout and gym culture, and the way forward for the work we do. We admit some ways we've been resisting the present moment, and start to talk about building the foundation for thriving--notwithstanding our present challenges.

Episode 65: Politics, Change and Despair (Part 1)

In this episode, we talk about our feelings around and conclusions about the election and what it says about our society. Part 1 of 2.

Episode 64: Thanksgiving Gratitude Practice

2020 has been a difficult year in which to practice gratitude, don't you think? Nevertheless, practicing gratitude serves us well. In this short episode, Benjamin shares some things he is grateful for, notwithstanding the challenges of this trying year.

Episode 63: Process and Progress

In the three weeks since the election, we've struggled to figure out exactly what to say. Now that Biden has won the election, we want to put our energy ... where, exactly? This episode is a brief series of thoughts about how we might approach the challenging months ahead.

Episode 62: Election Day

Been a while, hasn't it? In this short episode, Benjamin explains what caused the long silence, talks about what's coming in LSH land in the near future, and talks about dealing with anxiety around the election.

Episode 61: Radio Free Benjamin

The death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg left Benjamin reeling. In this short episode, he talks about the soul-searching he's done in the days since her death, and concludes that the only healthy way forward for himself is to focus on the spiritual issues around the present situation, not the political ones.

Episode 60: Navigating Relentless Overwhelm

The stress just keeps getting more intense, doesn't it? We're facing relentlessly overwhelming circumstances in our world. In this episode, we discuss what we can do to navigate that overwhelm when there's no reprieve and none on the horizon.

Sorry this didn't show up last week, LSH family. Database issues had the website down. But we're back!

Episode 59: Creating a Sustaining Practice

Last week, we revisted the centered breath, but we acknowledged that centered breathing during this time of travail might bring up challenging emotions. This week, we discuss how to leverage the centered breath to create a practice that sustains us during this difficult time.

Episode 58: Revisiting the Centered Breath

In our last episode, we made the bold contention that, at this time of turmoil and impulse toward change, the most revolutionary thing you can do is to come to the present moment again and again via the centered breath. In this episode, we revisit the centered breath and talk about skillfully navigating the feelings that might arise while practicing centered breathing during this challenging time.