Episode 55: Latest Challenges

As this summer progresses, we are being tasked with dealing with new challenges concerning the pandemic and the current political situation. In this episode, we discuss those latest challenges and how we might navigate them.

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  1. Hi there. Thanks for the latest episode. Smaller point, I was surprised to hear Jerry use the term riot, language of the oppressor, rather than protests or uprisings.
    Larger point, I don’t contest that people are indeed exhausted. But I also think people feel helpless to change the system. Don’t you think that even if we were at our most energetic, that we would still be at a loss as to what we can individually do to see tangible change. If I were an ACLU attorney or the like, I would feel that I had a route to pursue. But as an individual citizen, it is difficult to see what I (or my wife, or Ben, or Jerry) can possibly do to change the situation happening across the country in Portland, etc. And that’s why it seems the strategy of the powers that be can simply be to wait out the protests. Wait for them to lose momentum. Wait for the public to lose steam or interest. And then the status quo can once again proceed unimpeded.

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