Episode 37: The Energy of the Season–Spring

The shift from winter to spring presages a shift in our experience of universal energy. Navigating that shift skillfully offers us substantial benefits. The bulk of this episode was recorded before we fully understood how radically upside-down the world was about to turn, but the essential message is more pertinent than ever: our health and […]

Episode 34: Benjamin Has Symptoms of COVID-19

Benjamin guides us through the development of his symptoms, explains why he thinks the probability is high that he’s dealing with COVID-19 rather than the flu or a cold, talks about the impossibility of getting tested, and shares his thoughts (based on his experience so far) about navigating with the illness, both individually and socially.

Episode 32: Cultivating a Quality of Ease Is Not Easy

Cultivating a Quality of Ease Is Not Easy: We finished last week’s episode by talking about an intention to explore "making it easy." Benjamin carried that intention with him onto the tennis court for a recent match. Working with that intention helped cultivate flow through much of his game, but he discovered an area–his serve–in […]