Episode 96: Transitions

Earlier this spring, I was facing a few major transitions. The end of ski season meant I'd soon be out of a job, which meant both that my daily patterns would change and also that I would need to figure out how I was going to spend the skiing off-season. I was also going to be moving to a new house, which was exciting--I really liked the new space--but was surely going to be a lot of work and a substantial disruption. In short, just about everything in my day-to-day life was going to be changing. And that led me to ask: from an energetic perspective, how could I navigate this transition phase as skillfully as possible?

As I reflected on this question, it occurred to me that, over the past seven years since I started working with Jerry and made the path of change and growth a constant in my life, my life had regularly oscillated between relative stability and times of transition. It struck me that maybe this was a model for how the growth path works, that you alternate between periods of transition and periods of relative stability, and that those periods of relative stability perhaps serve as times for consolidation and integration.

Exploring that model guided the conversation you'll be hearing this week. How do we navigate these different spaces as skillfully as possible? How do we thrive during transition periods rather than get stuck in the stress of major disruption? How do we thrive during our periods of stability, rather than sink into stagnation?

I believe we find our way to some really interesting and helpful material in this episode. I hope you agree.

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