Episode 89: RPE, Recovery, and the Intent to Thrive

In this episode, we revisit the practice of RPE, with particular attention towards what we should do when the experiences of our lives take us beyond the zone of moderation into levels of stress that lead to detriment, an experience many (all?) of us have lived over and over again–if not constantly–over the past year. […]

Episode 88: COVID Aftereffects, Both Personal and Social

The impending anniversary of the COVID Zero Day, March 12th, got me thinking that it’s been a while since I talked about my personal, physical experience as a COVID survivor. That day, when everything changed for all of us together, was also the day that everything began to change for me on a more personal […]

Episode 87 (RFB 21.0225): On Donald Trump’s Acquittal, the Filibuster, and the Belief That Drives Change

In the least surprising political event of 2021 so far, the Senate voted to acquit Donald Trump of the charge of inciting a mob to attack the Capitol Building. My question is this: should I even bother to be angry? Also in this episode, I discuss the horrific institution that is the Senate filibuster, and […]

Episode 84: COVID Mutates Rapidly. Still, We Will Thrive

A friend of the show sent me an article that describes the rapidity with which COVID mutates, and it seems now that the best available evidence points to COVID mutating–or, more accurately, evolving–rapidly enough that our vaccines will only ever give imperfect protection. If that is indeed the case, then it follows that the vaccine […]