Episode 53: Adventures in Flow

Benjamin describes five recent experiences--one on his mountain bike, four on the tennis court--that express his recent successes and travails on the path towards greater flow and the deep change that can come with it. Jerry joins the discussion to comment on the most salient details from these stories and to help derive the lessons that can help all of us on the path towards greater fulfillment in our lives.

Episode 52: Catching Up, Part 2

In Part 2 of Catching Up, we discuss the murder of George Floyd and the subsequent protests, the potential for change that these protests imply, and also the fear that is becoming ever more prevalent in our society.

Episode 51: Catching Up, Part 1

We've been gone a while! In Part 1 of "Catching Up," we talk about Jerry's experiences down in Arizona and how they're different from what he was experiencing in Colorado; how we talk to people who have different worldviews from our own; and how the protests that have sprung up since George Floyd's murder indicate a shift in people's willingness to consider deep change.

Episode 50: Declaration of Independence

When was the last time you actually read the Declaration of Independence? It makes for rather interesting reading. Here we suggest that the Declaration may actually offer us some guidance for the political situation we find ourselves in right now.

Episode H2: End of Hiatus

Our hiatus is coming to an end. In this brief episode, Benjamin talks a bit about what's happened in the world since our last episode, and gives an introduction to where LSH will be going between now and the election.

Episode 49: Exploring Depression and Despair

In this episode, we have a conversation about depression and despair. We guide ourselves by an analogy we've found useful, in which we describe our energy system as akin to a volume knob, and posit that depression is essentially a series of choices we make to turn down the volume on our lives and our capacities. We finish with a short practice to help us turn the volume back up.

Episode 48: The Water We Swim In, Lockdown Edition

The current situation in our world is like nothing any of us has ever lived through before, so we thought it would be worthwhile to discuss this moment and the Water We Swim In. We talk about the kinds of challenges we're experiencing right now, and offer a few strategies for dealing with them.

Episode 47: Depression and Despair (First Thoughts)

Last Friday night, Benjamin found himself not wanting to do anything. Nothing sounded enjoyable at all. When he took a closer look at the impulse (or anti-impulse?), he realized that what he was seeing within himself was the first steps down the dark stairway into depression. A closer look inside revealed that this incipient depression was being accompanied by its compatriot, despair. Many of us are surely experiencing some combination of these two emotional states, so in this episode we begin a discussion about them.

Episode 46: Benjamin Has a Coronavirus Relapse

Benjamin had a coronavirus relapse this week. We talk about what we suspect the direct and energetic causes of this relapse might be, and talk about what the energy of the situation presages for our society going forward.