Episode 29: Sanity Check Interlude (A Better Story, Part 2)

Sanity Check Interlude: A sudden epiphany had Benjamin reconceptualizing our "Start Here" episode, and then a busy weekend of instructing on the mountain meant that getting it done by deadline was going to be a stretch. "I have a suggestion," said Jerry, the night before deadline. "Don't get it done. Wait a week. Follow the principles and give yourself a break." A little further contemplation of the epiphany and the subsequent conversation with Jerry led to surprising inspiration, and this episode is the result.

Episode 28: A Better Story, Part 1: Epilogue, Prologue

A Better Story, Part 1: Epilogue, Prologue: This episode serves as epilogue to the work we've done to this point and prologue to the work that we are now beginning. We are very proud of what we've accomplished, but we've come to understand that we're still living in the grips of our old stories, and so to bring about the next level of change, it is time to start telling--and thereby living--a better story.

Episode 27: When Life Gets Dark

When Life Gets Dark: This episode was inspired by and is dedicated to the many people who have told us in recent months that they are struggling with fear, anxiety and depression. It's a tough time right now, and sometimes it's hard to know how to cope. In this episode, we talk about some of the tools we can use to get us through the darkness when it arises.

Episode 26: Meditation

Meditation: We believe that meditation is a very important practice. In this episode, we discuss the health benefits of meditation, talk about the fallacy of quieting the mind, explain how our teachings differ from those of more formal meditation schools, and in general try to demystify the practice of meditation as much as possible. We close the episode with a short meditation.

Episode 25: Transition

Transition: We're in a time of transition here at Let's Start Here. In this episode, we talk about what's given rise to this transition (hint: one of our previous episodes affected us deeply), where we find ourselves at the start of this transition, and what we're witnessing right now with respect to the water we swim in.

Episode 24: Exploring Seven

Exploring Seven: We first brought up RPE (which traditionally means "Rate of Perceived Exertion") all the way back in Episode 2. A quick refresher: when using RPE, you rate your subjective experience on a scale of one to ten. In weight training, we define a seven on that scale as the point at which we can no longer synchronize the breath and the motion. That's also the point at which an exercise switches from pure gains to some level of detriment. RPE is such an important tool that we spent Episodes 11 through 14 explaining how to use RPE as a means to practice mindfulness. In this episode, we share our continued explorations of how the concept of "working to a seven" can guide us throughout our lives.

Episode 23: Goals and Resolutions

Goals and Resolutions: It's the beginning of a new year, a time when many people make New Year's resolutions. Here's the thing, though: most of those people fail. In this episode, we're going to talk about how we can set goals that we can actually succeed at, and then Jerry and Benjamin each share a goal for 2020.

Episode 22: The Energy of the Season

The Energy of the Season: In this episode, we discuss how the energy around the winter solstice affects us; how that energy is at odds with how we usually choose to live this time of year; the kinds of struggles we're inviting when we get out of sync with that energy; and how connecting with the energy of the season will make our lives better.

Episode 21: How Good Are You Willing to Feel?

How Good Are You Willing to Feel?

A question from Jerry's client and friend Toby--"How good are you willing to feel?"--led us into a deep and deeply personal exploration of the things that get in the way of us bringing forth substantial change in our lives. When we seek deep change, we need to be ready to meet some challenging feelings and emotions. There's a lot of powerful material in this episode. We hope it speaks to you.

We dedicate this episode to Toby. Thank you for the inspiration.

Episode 20: Language and Languaging

Language and Languaging: As we discussed in our RPE episodes, the subjectivity of language can present a problem as we try to become conscious about what's actually happening in our lives. In this episode, we dive more deeply into the challenges that language and languaging present, and discuss ways that more careful and conscious use of language can help us on our path.