Episode 40: The Math and Emotion of What’s to Come

The math of the growth of infections in an epidemic is unequivocal, and so we can be certain that the coronavirus epidemic is not nearly over. In this episode, we talk about what that math dictates about what's to come, in both quantitative (number of infections) and qualitative (how we're going to feel) terms.

A Proposal for Practice, and the Potential for Conscious Change

Benjamin makes a proposal for expanding centering practice, and talks about how the turmoil of the present moment offers us an incredible opportunity to pursue deep changes in our lives.

Episode 38: COVID-19 Latest, and an Idea for a Centering Practice

Benjamin shares his latest ups and downs (but let's focus on the ups) of experience with COVID-19, and then offers an idea to begin exploring centering more consistently in our lives.

The article from Stat that Benjamin references can be found here.

Episode 37: The Energy of the Season–Spring

The shift from winter to spring presages a shift in our experience of universal energy. Navigating that shift skillfully offers us substantial benefits. The bulk of this episode was recorded before we fully understood how radically upside-down the world was about to turn, but the essential message is more pertinent than ever: our health and our well-being are best served by being consciously in tune with the rhythm of the seasons.

Episode 36: I Overdid It So You Don’t Have To

All right, I admit it, I overdid it on Thursday--and boy did I pay for it on Friday. I got a bit antsy and I pushed myself a bit too far. "Antsy" is a thing many of us are feeling or going to feel, so that's probably worth talking about. I also talk about how I felt after overdoing it, and spend a little more time hammering home that when we're sick, we need to rest rest REST. (Maybe I'll listen this time.)

Episode 35: Happy Spring Equinox!

Today, I'm going to talk about the energy of the spring equinox ... and also about coronavirus. But I'll end with the equinox stuff--it feels lighter that way, and lighter is good.

Episode 34: Benjamin Has Symptoms of COVID-19

Benjamin guides us through the development of his symptoms, explains why he thinks the probability is high that he's dealing with COVID-19 rather than the flu or a cold, talks about the impossibility of getting tested, and shares his thoughts (based on his experience so far) about navigating with the illness, both individually and socially.

Episode 33: COVID-19 and the Water We Swim In

COVID-19 and the Water We Swim In: So ... there's this illness going around called coronavirus or COVID-19. Maybe you've heard about this? Kidding. The only way you could have not heard of it is if you are a hermit living in some mountain-top cave. Even if the illness itself turns out to not be that big a deal, the overall consequences rippling across our world are going to affect all of us. Jerry and Benjamin may not be epidemiologists, but we're experts in regards to the water we swim in, and that water is extremely turbulent right now. In this episode, we offer guidance for dealing with the very challenging times we find ourselves living in.

Special thanks to Dawn S. for the inspiration.

Episode 32: Cultivating a Quality of Ease Is Not Easy

Cultivating a Quality of Ease Is Not Easy: We finished last week's episode by talking about an intention to explore "making it easy." Benjamin carried that intention with him onto the tennis court for a recent match. Working with that intention helped cultivate flow through much of his game, but he discovered an area--his serve--in which no amount of centering could create a quality of ease. It turns out that sometimes it's quite challenging to cultivate that quality of ease, and that challenge is what this week's episode is about.

Episode 31: Seeking Guidance

Seeking Guidance: It's an interesting time here at Let's Start Here. Our "Epilogue/Prologue" episode a few weeks back served as a declaration that we've found ourselves at a solid endpoint with respect to the work that's brought us to this point and are now beginning something new. What's tricky is that while we know the question, "How good are you willing to feel?" is offering us a starting place, we have no clear idea of where our explorations in answer to that question are going to take us. We are seeking guidance, and in our dialogue this week, we discovered that an interesting type of guidance was showing up in an unexpected place.